Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thrifting, Thrifting and MORE Thrifting!

We went down to visit my Mom and spent yesterday thrifting. I got to thrift in 4 different stores! Mom was kind enough to sit in the van with Nathan watching DVDs so that I could shop without hassle. I was surprised at how much prices have gone up at my favorite "cheap" shop. At the 4 stores, I spent about $26 total and here's what I got:
Monopoly Jr. game - new, still in plastic, $5
Two silk ties to do this with - $150
The Best Holiday Crafts Ever - nice hard cover book
Old issue of Martha Stewart Living - .50
6 books for me, 2 for hubby - about $6 I think
mini etch-a-sketch, little people race car & 4 orange cones -all for .95

And today I remembered that the Goodwill Bookstore was having a sale. There weren't many interesting books included in the sale, but I still managed to spend $28! (Don't worry honey. I am shopping, but at least it's not retail!)For that $28 I got this:

Two porcelain dolls - $8.95 each which is more than I wanted to pay, but they'll make nice gifts for a certain collector
Mikasa "Silent Night" crystal bell - $2.25 (Christmas clearance)
A beautiful piece of Feltmann Weiden china - $4.75 It's got an Asian looking pattern, but I can't find it on the internet. I think it might be a canister w/o a lid
Two jigsaw books for Nathan - $1.10
and 4 VHS movies - $2

I'd like to say I'm done thrifting for a bit, but tomorrow's a school day and I have to spend my time somewhere, right?

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Lucy said...

lol..I don't count my thrifting as retail shopping either! I mean if we were out at the retail stores, you'd had spent well over a hundred dollars, not just 28! ;)