Friday, January 19, 2007

A Disappointing Trip to Goodwill

I made a quick dash to Goodwill today and was disappointed to leave with nothing. I found a couple nice things, but the prices were outrageous. I've noticed since the first of the year that all of the thrifts I've been to have raised their prices. Last week Nathan wanted a toy at Goodwill. It was broken and they'd priced it at $3.75! I don't even like to pay that much for toys in good condition. There are few tiny thrifts in town, so I'll have to check them out and hope they have better prices (and nicer stuff).

On the project front, these are the coasters I made for my Mom's birthday. The fabric, found at Walmart, matches her bedding. Thanks to Jenny at Allsorts for the great tutorial. I've got a couple other projects underway....well, the fabric has been purchased, laundered and pressed anyway. Hopefully will have at least one complelted over the weekend.


Sarah and Jack said...

I read somewhere recently that the pricing at Goodwill has something to do with quotas. So, the person who prices the housewares in that store has to meet a certain quota, and if they don't have a lot of merchandise, they will price high to meet the quota. It could have been crazy talk though, you know how the internet is! LOL

Lucy said...

Our Goodwill is high on a lot of things, so it's not always my thrift of choice, especially on clothes. You never know what you are going to find, so I still's the addict in me talking, it's just not the best place to find deals.

Love your coasters, I definitely need to try that pattern. Great job.