Sunday, February 3, 2013

QuiltCon Linky Party.....Five things about me

The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a Linky Party for those attending QuiltCon later this month. I really wanted to go, but hadn't planned on it....until my Mom gave me an early birthday present by helping with the travel expenses. Yay Mom!

The MQG asked us to post a picture of ourselves. Here it is:

This is me, last January, with my dog Harry. I look pretty much the same now. And if you're going to QuiltCon, you'll probably see me wearing that same pink shirt!

The MQG also asked that we list 5 things people might not know about you, so here you go:

  1. I'm currently the President of the Bakersfield Modern Quilt Guild. (I'm traveling to QuiltCon with the other 4 ladies on our board. Look out Austin!!)
  2. I'll buy almost anything if it comes in PINK! (Okay, if you know me, that shouldn't surprise you.)
  3. I made my first quilt in the mid 90's. I followed Eleanor Burns' Quilt In A Day book. It took me a lot more than a day.
  4. I met my husband at a Country Western bar. He loves to tell people that I picked him up in a bar.
  5. My dream job would be to run my own fabric-coffee-book shop.


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Fun! I wish I was going!

I love that you love pink! You should only wear pink. I decided a few years ago that when I'm an old lady I'll only wear purple. Then I thought, why wait? I still have some other colors but it's 90% purple in my wardrobe and shoes!

Anonymous said...

That is my dream job too! I'd just add one more item to the list and that's yarn - to knit and crochet as well as quilt, read, drink coffee and eat amazing cakes! Pink is the go to colour in our house - three young daughters aid and abet my love of the colour! See you in Austin in two weeks time!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hi Christy! Nice to read a little bit about you, and I hope to see you at QuiltCon!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I just registered for the Riley Blake Fabric Fest in Las Vegas in September. Are you going?