Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A finish. Kind of.

Well, I thought I'd posted about this little quilt quite a while ago.

A while ago as in, last October. When I thought I finished it.

This is the quilt I made for the Habitat Challenge in October 2011.

I was never happy with the quilting. That's obviously why it's been stuffed in the closet under a pile of fabric for over a year. My plan was to rip out the quilting and try it again. At our guild Sew In last Saturday, I mentioned this plan to a couple of friends and they thought I was crazy. They reminded me that someone out there would love this quilt, no matter how wonky the quilting is.

So, I pulled it out of the closet with the intention of simply adding a label and shipping it to New Jersey where it would be given to someone in need. To my surprise, I hadn't actually finished my quilt! Yes, it looked finished, but my binding was held on with a really long, loose running stitch.

Easy enough to fix.

It's now properly bound and labeled. And tomorrow it'll be headed back east. To a new home where someone will hopefully be warmed and comforted by it


Jamie Lee said...

Oh that's wonderful! Someone will treasure it. Nthe quilting looks pretty from here:). We are definitely our own worst critics. What is the solid blue called if you can remember?

Jamie Lee said...

I guess I should say both shades of blue:)

Nicci P said...

Good for you, Christie! You are mailing off a big quilty hug to someone on the East Coast. Kudos!

Teresa said...

Is this the one you were working on at the Summit?! It is so fun! Im sure it will make someone very happy!

jillytacy said...

It's beautiful! Someone will love and treasure this quilt for many years to come.