Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Finish!

Quilt for Aunt Lois by Mama Said Sew - Christy

Late last year, I found out that my Uncle wanted me to make a quilt for my Aunt. Of course I said I would do it!
 I didn't have much help in deciding which colors to use, or what size to make it. I hoped that whatever I chose, she would like it.
 So, I pulled all my quilting books off the shelf and started thumbing through them. I finally decided on Modern Maze from Amy Ellis's book Modern Basics.  I chose fabrics similar to those that Amy used in the original. I used the cream colored fabric with the green Dogwoods for the backing. The finished size is approximately 60"x84".
I finished this quilt and gave it to my Aunt last month. She loved it! And I really enjoyed making it for her. It was truly a labor of love.

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LBP said...

I love the colors of this quilt! No doubt your Aunt loved it! I just do not have the patience to quilt. I wish I did because I love quilts.