Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bragging. Again.

Back in December, Nathan participated in his school Science Fair. He decided on an engineering type project using Legos. We built a small shake table and he tested to see if a tower's stability would be affected by it's height and displacement. It was really a fun project.

Oh, and he won First Place in his class!

And then, the school selected his project to go on to the County Science Fair, which took place last week.

His project was included in the Fourth Grade Engineering, Mathematics and Gaming category. And I'm very proud to say that he took First Place!!

Congratulations Nathan!

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ann said...

I am a high school science teacher here in Canada and I am truly impressed with the topic he chose. I love the idea of a simple, but elegant, project age and materials appropriate. Well done Nathan have your Lego constructions improved with your newly acquired knowledge? ;)