Monday, June 20, 2011

Joining In: One Week, One Thing and Finish It Up

I've realized that I really need to spend some time digging my way out of my sewing room. There are several piles of fabric and unfinished projects sitting around. Obviously I need some motivation, so I've joined in on a couple of fun challenges.

Amy's Creative Side
First up is Amy's One Thing, One Week Challenge. No pressure with this one, just do one thing per week. I'm a planner, so being able to specify one project at a time will be great.

My plan for this week is to baste and quilt this picnic blanket:

If I can get the binding done too, that'll be even better.

The second challenge I'm joining is Meg's Finish It Up Challenge. This one will last all summer. I've gone through my WIP drawer and found some things that I'd completely forgotten about.

Here are the projects I hope to finish this summer:

Sew 4 clothing protectors (aprons) for hospice.

Bind my Vintage Squares quilt.

I started this Mama Backpack at least 2 years ago. Just need to make casings for the drawstring and sew the sides together.

Baste, quilt and bind this quilt top from June 2009.

More basting, quilting and binding. I can't even remember when I made this scrappy log cabin quilt top.

So, with some traveling and other planned activities, this should be plenty to keep me busy through the summer.

Wish me luck!


Meg said...

This seems like a very doable list to me! Thanks for joining in, Christy!

jillytacy said...

Good luck! Like you I've discovered way to many unfinished projects while cleaning and organizing my craft materials. I'm afraid I may never finish them but I plan to work on the pile one at a time to see what I can do about finishing them up.