Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something fun

I've been mostly housebound for the last 4 days with a sick kiddo. With his mix of symptoms, I'm not sure what kind of bug he's had. Today he asked to watch TV and wanted Rainbow Sherbert for breakfast. Since he's eaten hardly anything for 4 days, I was more than happy to indulge his request.

I think he's definitely on the road to recovery.

And me....I needed to make something today. It had to be fun. It had to be fast. And it had to be simple.

I rummaged through my scrap bin and came up with this....

a Ticker Tape Mug Rug! I didn't have Valentine's Day in mind when I was picking the fabrics, but it does seem appropriate for the occasion. Since I hardly ever make anything for myself, I think I'll keep this one.

Happy Valentine's Day to me!


Terri said...

super cute mug rug. I hope the little one feels better soon!

jillytacy said...

It's beautiful! I think it's great that you made something for yourself. I think many of us out there give away all of the crafts we make. How fun to make and keep something for yourself!

amandajean said...

it's very cute! and a great way to use the ticker tape pieces. i love that it's mostly pink!