Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Catch Up

Here's what we've been up to:

Cleaning desks at school with shaving foam. (messy and fun!)

I made this sign for the reading teacher to hang on her door. The reading clinic is right next to the playground and the teacher can't eat her lunch without numerous kiddos stopping in to say hello. I thought the sign might help. And if not, at least it's cute.

Yes, I made another Teacher Tote. This one is for Nathan's teacher.

I made a fabric covered plastic insert for the bottom. This makes the whole thing washable. Very handy for a 2nd grade teacher.

And now onto the garden update:
My zucchini patch is doing very well. That stump in the foreground is about 12" across and stands about 3" tall. Some of those leaves are huge!

There are plenty of blooms and baby zucchini. I've been harvesting for about a week and have collected 30 already. My plan is to give some away and grate/freeze some for zucchini muffins.

This is one of our baby artichokes. We've never grown artichokes before, so this is a really fun thing to see in our garden.

The corn is waist high and starting to tassel.

And the sunflowers have gone a little crazy. We planted a variety of sunflower seeds, so we have smallish pale yellow sunflowers.....

mediumish red sunflowers......

And some ginormous dark yellow sunflowers.

Really, they're huge! I'll be trying to harvest some of the seeds to plant next year.


Jane said...

I love to shaving cream desks. It is fun and it works too! Looks like things are really blooming with you! Such pretty flowers.

Christina Marie said...

I am in LOVE with all of your sunflowers!

Kathryn said...

holy sunflowers batman!

Rebecca said...

Wow! Look at those beautiful sunflowers! And I love your latest teacher tote, perfect colors!

jillytacy said...

The garden looks great! You certainly have a green thumb! I LOVE the teacher tote. It's beautiful! I'm sure the teacher loved it!!
Shaving cream on the desks is so much fun and it's the best for cleaning the dirt and sticky gunk off. The kids just think it's fun!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

This is my first year doing a veggie garden. We made it 8x8 and OMG I'm scared at how big all the plants are going to get lol. I'm kind of happy a few things died so the others will have some room.