Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pizza Making and Thrifty Thursday

As promised, here are the pizza making photos.....

Dough made from scratch, waiting to rise.

Dough after being punched down. Waiting for second rise.

Roasted tomato pizza sauce.

The finished product. (The hungry mob got to it before I snapped the photo.)

Now on to the thrifting....

I found this interesting scarf last week. It's by Diane Von Furstenberg. I think it'll look nice with my ivory winter coat. (Hopefully I'll get a chance to wear my winter coat!)

A pair of camo shorts for Nathan and a patchwork skirt. I think most of the squares are vintage fabric. It's not sewn very well, so I'll be taking it apart and repurposing the squares.

And you might be wondering what's in that big box underneath......

Why, fabric of course! Lots and lots of fabric. There is some not-so-nice stuff in here that will be redonated to the Goodwill. But there's also quite a bit of nice vintage pieces. Nothing too big, but enough to do something with. I'll sort through it and share any extraordinary pieces I find.

That box is 24" long, 15" tall and 15" deep. All that fabric loveliness only cost me $3!


Cindy Is Crafty said...

Yummy, it is all YUMMY! Great thrift scores.

Jody Blue said...

Looking forward to see how you re-use the patch work skirt!