Friday, September 12, 2008


I had no plans to go thrifting today. I went yesterday. There was no need to go again so soon.

But, I had breakfast with some friends and found myself near my favorite thrift. (Yes, within 3 miles is near.)

A little voice told me I should stop and go in. Call it a Thrifting Instinct, telling me there was something good waiting for me.

And really, why not just take a quick peek while I was in the neighborhood?

There wasn't anything spectacular and I wondered why I was wasting my time there. Then something colorful caught my eye.

A nice piece of vintage faric....

And then a few more pieces.....

And after digging through the entire bin, a nice little pile! (I even have an idea for a project already.)

This interesting man's shirt also caught my eye.

Especially when I looked at the tag. I don't know what I'll do with it, but it's Versace for goodness sake! I couldn't leave it there.

And my last little treasure. A vintage Snowman apron.

Have you found any treasures lately?


MissBillie said...

Why is it that when I go to the thrift store I just find always find the best treasures!!! NOT FAIR!!! Love all that fabric! I got my polka dot material at JoAnn's they were having some weird sale for the was on a cart all by itself, with orange, green, and pink polka dot material! I think I just lucked out for the day! Plus I took the very last of all of it!! That's probably why it was out there! Love reading your blog!!!

Christina Marie said...

okay- I dont need to go thrifting anymore. I seriously just want to walk into your spare bedroom, and shop THERE!

Cheeziemommie said...

love the "thrift radar" :) Great finds Christy!!!!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Christy, Awesome score! I love the Versace shirt. It might be cool for the center blocks for a quilt. A 4 section in the middle of some pieced blocks like you just did. I am just thinking.

I don't know if you went to the outlet or not, but it amazes me when you find a versace shirt there or some other designer lovely.

Ms Jackie's Junque said...

I LOVE the pretty, vintage fabric that you found! Don't you just love good thrifting days?

I enjoy reading your blog.

jillytacy said...

The thirft instict paid off. you got a great haul! I just went thrifting this morning. I didn't find any fabric but I did get a few more books and a vintage shirt that I hope I can get clean and make a dress out of it for Nature Girl.