Friday, August 29, 2008

Thrifty Thursday Friday

I meant to post some of these photos yesterday, but it was a busy day. So, this week's Thrifty Thursday is actually Thrifty Friday.

Here are my treasures:

Set of 4 Waverly Home Classics for Kids valances.

(Nathan's not really into fire engines, so I'll probably sell these.)

A few yards of fabric.

A scrub shirt and housedress.

(I don't wear either scrubs or housedresses. I bought these strictly for the fabric.)

Four sheets. Vintage and new.

Two vintage half aprons.

(I'm a messy cook who needs full aprons, so these will probably be sold too.)

And my favorite find.....

It's E.T.!

(The big question....should I use this apron or keep it as a collectible?)


jillytacy said...

Oh Thrifty Thursday sounds fun! The half aprons are very cute and the E.T. is a fabulous find. I'm sure it's a collectible but if you love it just wear it and enjoy it. It's better to use it and enjoy it then to hide it away in a closet because it's a collectible. That's my vote anyway. Have a great weekend!

Cheeziemommie said...

What great finds!!!! The ET apron is FABU!!!!

Christina Marie said...

oh wow! love that ET apron... you need to save that to show it off to houseguests! I love it! If you're looking into selling that patriotic fabric I might want to buy it!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Wow, what a haul! I love in no particular order: the patriotic animals, the paris pattern fabric with the ladies, and that ET apron is perfection. You find the best stuff! You are truly a champion digger! :O)

Melody said...

I love the fabric with the ladies on it. It is very cute!

How funny that you should have the ET Apron, it was on TV yesterday.

LBP said...

What great finds! I love the E.T. apron!



Jane said...

Oh wow! How I *loved* ET. I was really too old to believe, but I wanted too so badly!

I say keep it and wear it for entertaining. What a conversation starter! Has Nathan seen the movie? I saw it at an anniversary screening at the directors guild a year ago or so and it still holds up. It's as wonderful as I remembered.