Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hot. Hot. Hot

I don't know what the high temperature was here today.
I do know that at 6:00 pm it is still 107*!
And this......

this is the temperature in my kitchen.

With the A/C going.

I am so not cooking dinner!


Melody said...

We must live in the same part of California. Are you North or South? I am North and we have had the same yucky heat too. I am already looking forward to fall!!

Thanks for sharing.

Christina Marie said...

We need to meet for lunch somewhere with A/C! Maybe John's? I know we won't hear any complaints from Nathan. ;)

Jane said...

Felt your pain sista! Thankfully, now it's much better!

Vallen said...

Wasn't that heat wave something? And this week I'm sleeping with a sweater on. Love California!!