Saturday, January 19, 2008

Me vs. Hot Glue

I admit defeat. The Hot Glue wins.

I tried ironing, freezing and hot water.

I'm sure these methods work on some items. Just not on plastic buttons.

Ironing was messy. It left puddles of hot hot glue on the fabric and the buttons. I couldn't touch the button backs until the glue cooled a bit, which defeated the purpose of using the iron.

Freezing did harden the glue, which made it easy to pop the button off the fabric. Unfortunately, the frozen glue seemed to cling more fiercely to the buttons.

And the hot water? Didn't seem to do much at all. Each button is attached to the fabric with a large blob of hot glue. I don't think the water could penetrate enough to be effective.

Back to Goodwill they go.


Jenn Maruska said...

Oh, man. : [

Sorry to hear that.

Karyn said...

Ahhh!!! That's SUCH a shame!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

How about freeze to get them off and then hot water to get the glue remnants off? Or did you try that already?

Before you take them back would they work for a patchy pillow or some sachets?

Lucy said...

Awww....I'm sorry it didn't work! Do you have an embossing heat gun? Maybe more isolated heat on each button would work better than the iron???

jessi said...

sometimes that's the way it goes, eh?