Saturday, December 15, 2007

A tiny sneak peek and lotsa Swap Goodness

I mailed the last of my Sweet Goodness Sister Swap packages yesterday. I have neglected to torture Cindy with sneak peeks for this last swap. So I thought I'd make up for it and give the tiniest of sneak peeks now.

This is a very small part of one of the handmade items I included in Cindy's last package. Any ideas Cindy????? (Hee, hee, hee! Or should it be Ho, Ho, Ho?)

I was very lucky to have Cindy as a swap partner for these swaps. She is very crafty and creative. She's made some wonderful things for me. And she included goodies for Nathan with every swap package. It means so much to have a friend who is so generous to my son! Thank you, Cindy!

Here's Nathan's loot. A "Dear Santa" notepad. A robot pencil holder (he's already sharpened all 12 of the pencils), Reindeer Pez dispenser and stickers. And a darling set of dinosaur cookie cutters.

Here's the start of my loot. Some great vintage craft books, which I can't wait to sit down and peruse. A cute snowman box that was filled with a bag of Rolos (one of my favs) and a recipe for Poor Man's Turtles (using Rolos). Somehow, Nathan got it into his head that we'd be sharing the Rolos. He is SO wrong!

Vintage (?) elf ornaments and some lovely crocheted snowflake ornaments. Bead garland, chenille stems and Let It Snow letters to make a garland. There were about 10 more of the little crocheted ornaments, but Nathan was quick to claim them and hang them on the tree. They look very pretty among our other ornaments.

And wonderful handmade goodies! A necktie daisy and snowman pendant made by Miss Crafty herself. I can't wait to wear the daisy on my winter coat.

Finally, an incredible bag made from felted wool sweaters, embellished with fabric patches and buttons. There are lots of pockets inside too!

The back of the incredible bag.

Thank you so much Cindy! You've put so much thought and effort into my packages. I truly appreciate all you've done and admire you're creativity.


Dana said...

Wow! What a great swap partner you have!!

Lucy said...

Wow--you definitely did have a great partner and hopefully you both will keep in contact with each other!

Thank you for participating in our swaps!

cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...

Uh, sneak about clueless. It does appear to be denim in the background and something appliqued on top. That, by the way are 2 of my fav things!

I am glad that you like the goodies. The elf ornies are vintage. They had a price sticker from Ames which went out of business in 2002. I removed it as I don't like prices on gifts. :O)

I am thrilled that you and Nathan liked all of your goodies. It is funny that he sharpened all of the pencils! LOL, such a kid! LOL!

It was great getting to know both of you and to give/receive. You have been the best partner and we learned about the 80s, too! :O)

Happiest of Holidays, Christy!