Sunday, December 2, 2007

Normal Craziness

Yes, it seems my life is back to it's normal craziness this week.

Slightly more manageable than last week's extreme craziness.....sick kid, medicine battles, sick cat, new vet, exhausting search for an appropriate 80's costume, and co-hosting a Totally 80's Karaoke Christmas Party for 20. (I haven't seen that many pairs of black leggings in one room since.....well, the 80's!)

On Saturday, Nathan and I started our Christmas baking.

He only wanted to make sugar cookies. And he only wanted to make them because he wanted to put sprinkles on them. That kid would put sprinkles on everything if I let him. And yes, he had to use every container of sprinkles we have, including the Halloween variety.

I'm planning to make cookie trays for the employees at hubby's plant again this year. Of course, I have to make enough for each person to have 3 or 4 cookies. That means 300 - 4oo cookies! Some of the cookies from the batch above did make it into freezer bags, but it's not a great start.

I'm also going to make these (without the ice cream), Pfeffernuesse, Gingerbread men, more Sugar Cooki es and possibly some Italian Spice Cookies. Any other suggestions? What Christmas goodies are you baking?


jessi said...

wow - that's a ton of baking!!!

Dana said...

That is alot of baking. I love holiday cookies and the people at your husband's work better appreciate all that went into making them!