Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The big reveal

Last week, I posted this tiny sneak peek for my Sweet Swap Sister Cindy...

(The photo is actually upside down, to make it more of a mystery!)

Cindy received her package yesterday, so now I can reveal the finished item in it's entirety.

Cindy posted a photo from the Anthropologie catgalog a while back. It was of two stockings and she said that she LOVED one of them. Stockings are one of my favorite things at Chirstmas, so I decided to copy the Anthro stocking and fill it with goodies for my Sweet Swap Sister. I had a ball going through my stash searching for just the right fabric and trim and button to put it all together.

I'm so pleased with the stocking and so happy that Cindy loved it! Thanks Cindy for making these swaps so much fun. Cindy is crazy talented when it comes to crafting. If you ever get a chance to swap with her, I highly recommend it!

You can see the rest of what I sent Cindy here.

And finally, a BIG thank you to The Goodness Girls, Rebecca and Lucy, for organizing this series of swaps. You girls rock!


Lucy said...

Your stocking is the best!! Love it!! I'm sure Cindy has been thrilled with your gifts as well. :)

Thank YOU for participating, and I'm glad you've had fun!

jessi said...

Wow - the stocking is so great! I'm sure Cindy would say you are a great swap partner too!

cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...

Cindy does and Christy SOOOOOOOOOOO is! She was a great partner and I am floored by her craftiness. I have a lovely Halloween banner, a Thankful garland, and now a flowery stocking! Too much goodness from my sweet swap sister!

Thanks, Sis!

Mary Beth said...

Christy, that stocking turned out great! You are a sweet swap partner.