Monday, October 22, 2007

Costume Progress - Part 5


Do you hear that big sigh of relief?

The Cindy Lou Whoo costume is done.


Since the last photo of the skirt, I added a few details to jazz it up a bit.

I added buttons to the front of the bib. They're not functional, purely decorative. I also made a petticoat which makes the skirt stand up quite a bit. Makes it look more Dr. Seuss-y.

I also finished up the straps in the back by adding buttons (functional this time), which match the front buttons. (The petticoat won't show quite so much when it's worn, just hard to photograph without the ruffles sticking out.)

And the cape.

The finishing touch here was the slits to put hands through. These were actually much easier than I expected. I try to read the sewing instructions all the way through before I do anything and the instructions for the slits seemed very confusing. Once I got there, it was fairly easy.

So, my friend and her daughter were both VERY happy with the whole thing. Now, she's trying to think of more places that she can wear it so she can show it off!


jessi said...

A sigh of relief and a big hooray for you! It is darling! They should be showing it off every chance they get!

Sarah and Jack said...

Excellent work Christy!

Dana said...

I'd be showing it off too. It is fabulous!

Karyn said...

OH. My. Goodness!!!!!

That is a freekin' work of art! I love it so much!

Dinah said...

This is fantastic! I KNOW they were both happy with it. Great job!

I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading from the past month or so and I just have to say that I can't believe how Nathan is growing up - just since school started! (I love the picture of him working with the dough.)

Rebecca said...

Christy it's awesome! You did a great job. I love the crinolin, it totally makes it look more "Seussical." :)