Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm here....

Just being a bit of a slacker when it comes to posting! I've been reading blogs and commenting, but I just haven't felt much like writing.

We had a couple days down south visiting family. My mom is always happy to have us come visit. We got to spend a little time with my brother and his kids. They have decided to move to Idaho and we wanted a chance to say goodbye and good luck before they hit the road. Nathan was thrilled to be able to hang out with his cool cousins. We'll miss you guys!

On Friday, Nathan and I went to the beach with some friends. Usually, it's just the three of us at the beach, so it was very nice to have a bunch of other kids for Nathan to play with.

He was so excited to be buried in the sand like the other kids. Thankfully, the kids did the work and I just took the photo!

I have actually been sewing too. I've managed to finish a few morsbags and am working on a quilt for Nathan. He'll be startting Kindergarten on Monday and needs to take a small blanket for rest time. He's been struggling with the idea of going to school again. He keeps telling me that he doesn't need to go to school because he already knows his alphabet and he doesn't want to make any new friends! I thought a "handmade by mommy" blanket might help him transition. I let him choose the fabric (with only a little guidance) and with any luck it'll be done soon!

Hope you're all enjoying the last few days of summer!


Dana said...

I can to your blog this morning specifically to tell you to post more often!!! Delighted to see a new post!

I'm with ya on the whole starting kindergarten thing. Best of luck to Nathan. You know he's gonna love it!

Show us a pic of the quilt??

jessi said...

I think blogging breaks are good - I think I need to take one...sometime.

Idaho? Where? (if you don't mind me asking) We made that move last year.

Dinah said...

I can tell Nathan really enjoyed his beach trip and being buried in the sand! I hope he loves his quilt and kindergarten, and I'm sure he will.

Mary Beth said...

Do post pics of the quilt when you get further along!