Monday, January 8, 2007

Getting Things Done!

I've gotten tired of shifting my piles of fabric to do other things and I had s small burst of ambition, so I completed two projects tonight. The first is a felt/fabric covered tape measure for my SIL. I followed the tutorial from Whip Up, which was very easy. It didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but it's not bad for my first one. My SIL sent me a very nice leather covered tape measure from Marks & Spencer for Christmas and has mentioned wishing she had picked one up for herself. I hope she likes this handmade version.

My second project is a gift and I know the person it's for reads my blog, so I'll have to post the photo a bit later. I've also made some tentative plans for some fabric I picked up at JoAnn's on clearance. I'm going to make a couple of kid's art aprons to put in my Etsy shop. Don't go look yet though because there's nothing there right now. I just set it up, so give me some time to be productive. OH...and if you couldn't tell, I've learned how to put links to other webpages in my blog posts!

Nathan started back at school today after the two week Christmas break. Needless to say, we had a rough morning. As soon as I told him it was a school day, he said he didn't want to go and started acting up. It's so hard to leave him at school when he's sobbing and saying "But Mommy, I want to come with you!". Nothing I said reassured him. I finally had to peel him off and hand him over to his teacher. Luckily, he's a cuddler and having his teacher hug him was enough to settle him. He was VERY excited to see me at pick up time and nearly bowled me over. It was nice to be missed and then greeted so warmly.


Lucy said...

Awwww...I remember those first days with my sons (pre-school, kindergarten..etc). It tears at you to leave them but a wave relief washes over when you see them again and they are smiling because it wasn't nearly as bad as they thought it would be.

Good for you on getting back on the craft wagon!! LOL I haven't had time to do much lately but I hope to get some play time in this weekend and an added bonus with Monday off! whoo hooo!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, do I feel the school pain right now. The tape measure is cute!